Will a used above ground pool last as long as a new one?

Why do above ground pools collapse or fail?

Are oval pools stronger than round pools?

Do I need a new liner to reinstall a used pool?

Where can I find a used above ground pool?

Can I fill a pool from empty with my garden hose?

How far should my pool be from the property line?

Do I need a fence for my pool?

How much is a pool permit?

How is a salt water pool different from a regular pool?
The length of life of an above ground pool is based on the construction quality and the winter conditions that it endures. 
Above ground pools usually collapse in the winter due to improper winterizing or extreme snowfall mixed with high winds.
Oval and round pools are designed differently and their strength is dependent on the construction. One is not stronger than the other.
Once liners have been exposed to water, chemicals and the elements for long periods, they become brittle. The skimmer and jet holes are already cut making them very difficult to line up again. Liners shrink without moisture.
Used above ground pools are available online. Kijiji.ca and Usedottawa.com are both popular sites for posting used pools. Most sellers know very little about there pool and are simply looking to get it out of the yard. Always contact someone who knows a great deal about pools before purchasing. This is a service that ottawausedpools.ca offers.
It is against the law to fill a pool from empty with a garden hose. It is also very difficult to eliminate all of the wrinkles without a quick supply of water to hold it in place. Depending on the size of the pool and the water pressure, it can take days to fill a pool with a garden hose.
A pool needs to be 5 feet from the property line but please consult your municipality.
Depending on your municipality, you may need a 5 foot enclosure or none at all. In Ottawa, you are required to have a 5 foot enclosure with a self latching gate. Some municipalities only require a 4 foot enclosure which is below the height of a solid wall above ground pool. Fencing can be very costly and it is always a good idea to check with the city before you install.

A pool fencing permit costs about $100. This permit ensures that the enclosure follows bylaw and that the pool is far enough from the property line.

A salt water pool uses electricity to convert salt into chlorine. Instead of adding chlorine to the water to keep it clear, salt is added and then converted into chlorine. Its easier on the skin and has less of a chlorine smell. A salt water pool requires less maintenance than a standard chlorine pool.